Svenska Hogwarts Roleplaying Game

Hello and welcome to Swedish Hogwarts!

(For a disclaimer, please read the Disclaimer, which has an English translation for your convenience.)

Since our site is only in Swedish, we thought it best to at least have a little page in English where we tell those not familiar with our language what the site is about, just in case you were wondering. Svenska Hogwarts ("Swedish Hogwarts") is an Internet-based roleplaying game set in the magical world created by British author JK Rowling. The two creators have been members of a Swedish roleplaying game set in the fantasy world of American author Robert Jordan for quite some time, and late in the evening of 16 April 2004, one of them said "I wish there was a game like this, but based on Hogwarts and not the White Tower... that would totally rock." The other one said "My thoughts exactly," and so the two started working, and a few hours later, the first forum opened, and we started to look for people willing to join. People did, rumour spread, and today we're keeping quite a few people (aged from 11 to about 50) happy. The forum is always buzzing, and most of the time, everything works fine.

The game itself is based around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and its four Houses. We have teachers that give lessons to students, we have some ghosts, and some other things. When you join the game, you join as a first-year student, and you take 3 lessons (labelled A, B, and C) in a certain number of subjects, after which you do a little quiz for each of the subjects (a final exam), on which the grade is based. (The OWL exams are bigger than the usual exams, and the NEWTs are even bigger and more exhausting. Like it should be!) Then you go on summer holiday and return for second grade, etc.

We have all the subjects featured in the books: Ancient Runes (FOR), Arithmancy (TAL), Astronomy (AST), Care of Magical Creatures (SMD), Charms (TFL), Defence Against the Dark Arts (FMS), Divination (SDK), Element Magic (ELM), Flying (KVF), Herbology (ÖRT), History of Magic (TKH), Muggle Studies (MUS), Potions (TDL) and Transfiguration (FVK). We also have some subjects of our own invention: Alchaemy (ALK), Dracology (DRK), Healing and Curing with Magic (MHB), Latin (LAT), Masking Magic (MAM), Mythology (MYT), Nature Magic (NAM), Reincarnation Studies (RIK), Spiritism (SPI), and Symbol Magic (SYM). All the subjects, except those that are clearly just imagined (eg. Charms, Transfiguration, etc.), are based on real-life knowledge of the subject, such as Nature Magic, that takes a closer look at real-life Witchcraft. Other subjects are a mix of true knowledge, and just a creative imagination, and some other are based upon the lessons from the books.

All existing characters in the game are invented by us who play them. All professors, all students, all other characters (such as the Minister of Magic) and even the House ghosts. The characters at Hogwarts (and outside) are not ours to play with. The only one who can do them justice is JK Rowling herself, so you can see SH as a doll house, where all the dolls have been replaced. It's more creative that way, because then we don't stare ourselves blind at what happens in the books. We don't try to repeat the books with us playing Harry, Ron and Hermione, we do our own storylines with our own characters. When a character has finished Hogwarts, there are other things to occupy them with, such as working at the Ministry, Wizengamot or St. Mungo's.

When the game takes place? Present time, yet still before the books. Harry Potter and his friends will never be attending SH's version of Hogwarts where Albus Dumbledore will never be principal, and Cornelius Fudge will never be Minister of Magic, and Voldemort will not return. We preferred the time-setting to be present time instead of literally a few years before the books, which would've been around 1987, because then we can't write in our muggleborn characters' backgrounds how much they enjoy chatting on the Internet. Instead, we'd have to say things like they love playing Space Invaders on their Amiga computers, etc. Since the majority of the SH players are in their teens now, it's too hard to try and remember what was hip when they were kids, or maybe not even born... so for all our sakes, we prefer living in the present!

We accept members from all over the world, as long as they speak Swedish, and are at least 11 years old. Sometimes we wish we had set the limit to perhaps 13, because even though we're keeping ourselves PG or below IN-game, we are at least PG-13 OFF-game a lot of the time. With that I mean we use language that can be too hard to understand for younger people, or just too spicy. We don't want parents yelling at us that we've been saying things that are not suited for younger ears... And besides, none of us want to be babysitters. Some people are talented players at 12, some suck even if they're much older, but normally it's the other way around. The 11-year-old limit was set based upon the fact that when you start at Hogwarts in the books, you are 11 years old. Seemed only fair. We have no desire to extend the game, or translate it into English (or any other language), because we feel we have quite enough to do with the Swedish one as it is, and besides, there are other games on the Internet that are also based on Hogwarts and that are in English. We created this for a Nordic-speaking audience, and if we didn't, we wouldn't have called it Swedish Hogwarts. If you want to join, I suggest you better start learning the language! ;)

Best wishes,

The SH Game Masters, founders and forum administrators